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Dryphoon working with SPARK Design Council

Dryphoon have been shortlisted as a 2018 finalist for the Spark innovation program, aiding the push to market.

Dryphoon supported by RTC

Dryphoon - with support from Innovate UK

RTC, providing the contact links with Innovate UK and Enterprise Europe Network are assisting Dryphoon on its route to market.

On Trade Progress Interview

On Trade Progress speak with Gary Smith about Dryphoon. 

Charity in the community

Gary Smith featured as the 'ginger genie' in a local adaptation of Aladdin, raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Where to get Dryphoon

After taking on board plenty of feedback from the industry, the launch of Dryphoon has been put back while we work on some major improvements to the product. We apologise for the delay but are certain this will lead to a much higher quality device being released to market...check out the video page to see how we have now incorporated a water rinse feature.

What is changing?

Dryphoon is going to be slimmed down as well as incorporate some new features and undergo a 'facelift'. In addition, the brackets should be complete meaning no need for them to occupy space on the bar top.

If you would like to be kept up to date with the changes to the Dryphoon glass dryer and glass cooler, simply drop us a quick email in the contact us section at the bottom of the page and we will add you to our mailing list.

What is Dryphoon?

Dryphoon - making bad pints a thing of the past

What exactly is Dryphoon?

Dryphoon is a glass preparation device. It has multiple benefits solving a host of issues to the trade which include:

  • Cleans the nucleated base, removing dirt and water within a split second.
  • Reduces the frequency of glass renovation.
  • Rinses and refreshes glasses prior to use
  • Cools warm glassware
  • Improves brand and establishment image
  • Increased customer satisfaction

This in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction, brand image and reduced waste. The units are also compact and can be mounted to shelving behind the bar keeping valuable bar top space free as well as being extremely convenient for bar personnel.

Would you like to see the difference?

Take a look at our video page to see just how effective the product is. There has been no clever filming or editing involved nor any delay in when the drink was served. Just 2 wet glasses with the only difference being one went via the Dryphoon!

Make flat beer and bad pints a thing of the past! 

Dryphoon wins 'Great New Idea' award

Great New Idea

Dryphoon won the great new idea award at the recent Bar and Pub Show at the London Olympia

The team

Exhibitors (from left) Danny Stranks, Gary Smith and Paula Longstaff show off the award won against a whole host of competition.

Lots of interest

Dryphoon generated a lot of footfall to the stand, highlighting the impact the product is destined to have on the industry.

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